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Choctaw County Historical Museum

This museum features guns used by both sides in the War Between the States, and the War of 1812, a 100 year-old wedding gown, spinning wheel, including a dress made from thread spun on the wheel, Indian arrowheads and other relics. Also included in the exhibits are many fossils including dinosaur bones, vertebrae from a giant whale that once swam in the warm, shallow prehistoric seas which covered Choctaw County, a Mastodon tooth found near Silas, and many others. Visitors can see bottles of oil from Alabama's first oil well at Gilbertown (1944). The museum is also home to a complete Linotype "hot lead" letterpress newspaper print shop used to produce The Choctaw Advocate in the early years of this century. A one-room cabin, located on the west side of the Museum, is constructed from logs dating back to the mid-1840's which were salvaged from the first Choctaw County Courthouse at Barrytown.

Location: 40 Melvin Rd, Gilbertown AlabamaTelephone 205-459-3383 Toll Free: 334-843-2501 Fax 205-542-9342

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