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Ath, situated at the confluence of the Dender River and a smaller tributary also named Dender, is a small but densely populated industrial town best known for the Parade of the Giants. This festival is held each year at the end of August, and features gigantic puppets representing legendary figures, who storm their way through the city streets. The festival climaxes with the battle of David and Goliath.

Ligne, Maffle, Mainvault, Meslin-l'Eveque, Ostiches, Ormeignies, Gibecq, Rebaix, Ghislenghien, Gellingen, Isieres, Lanquesaint, Irchonwelz, Houtaing, Moulbaix, Arbre, Villers-Notre-Dame, Bouvignies, and Villers-Saint-Amand are all boroughs within the municipal district of Ath.

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