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Biblioteque Royal de Belgique - Koninklijke Biblioteek van Belgie

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The history of the Belgian Royal Library goes back to the 15th century and the Burgundian era. By the death of Burgundian ruler Phillip the Good in 1467, he had collected 900 or so illuminated manuscripts. His descendant Phillip II gathered all the works in a single place, Coudenberg, and gave it the name "Royal Library".

The library expanded over the centuries, became national property in 1837, and opened to the public in 1839. Over the next few decades, the other museums at the same location were opened up: the Museum of Printing, the Museum of the 18th Century, and the palace of Industry. The current facilities of the Belgian Royal Library were constructed during 1954-1969.

Phone: + 32 / 2 519 53 11

Fax: + 32 / 2 519 55 33

Location: 4 Boulevard de l' Empereur, Brussels 1000

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