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Braine-le-Chateau is a commune of 10,000 south of Brussels. "Braine" is the historic name of a river now known as Hain, which flows through the town and then empties into the Senette River; "le Chateau" means "the Castle". The castle in question was built by feudal lords sometime around the 13th century -- the exact dates are uncertain, but there is a communal mill which is mentioned in documents dating from 1226, and it is thought that the castle must have existed to protect it by then. The restored mill is now a museum. The castle is likewise still standing, but it is a private residence.

Wauthier-Braine and Woutersbrakel are boroughs within the municipal district of Brain-le-Chateau. The E19 roadway passes through Braine-le-Chateau from north to south.

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