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Brussels is the largest city in Belgium, with over a million residents including the greater metropolitan area. It is located on the Senne river near the center of the country, within the province of Vlaams-Brabant -- however, it is not officially part of Vlaams-Brabant, but its own administrative entity.

Brussels is officially bilingual -- both French and Flemish are spoken, with French being more prevalent. It is common to find people speaking other languages as well, for Brussels is a cosmopolitan, international city, home to the headquarters of NATO, and to most of the important institutions of the European Union.

The center of Brussels is the oldest part of the city, while the outer neighborhoods have a more contemporary feel. The northern and western boroughs are home to industry, while those in the south and the east are residential. Brussels has a vast array of first class cultural activities and institutions; it is particularly well known for its art museums.

Art Botanique | Brueghel Museum | Chalcographie | David and Alice Van Buren Museum | Galerie Christine and Isy Brachot | Galerie Faider | Museum of the Heart | ULB Museum of Contemporary Art |
History Atomium | Brussels Grand Place | Brussels Stock Exchange | Foundry Museum of Industry | Freemason Museum | Japanese Tower and Chinese House | Lilliput, Belgium | Manneken Pis | Museum of Bookbinding | Palace of Charles of Lorraine | Ruins of the Palace of Charles V | St. Jean Place | Witloof Museum |
Motels Alfa Rijckendael Hotel | Alfa Sablon Hotel | Ambassador Residence | New Hotel Charlemagne |
Science Belgian Museum of Radiology | ULB Experimentarium |
Transportation Museum of Urban Transport of Brussels | Private Museum of Railway Documentation | Tram Museum of Schepdaal |
Wildlife Bird Market of the Grand Place |

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