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The site occupied by the Castle of Monceau today was the site of a modest fortress owned by lesser lords up until the 15th century, when the powerful house of Hamal took over the property and developed it more heavily. Over the next three centuries, the building gradually evolved, becoming ever more opulent and residential. 1766 saw the last major remodeling; work since then has focused on restoration and maintenance rather than expansion.

The Castle of Monceau and its splendid 53 hectare park have been public property since 1936, when they was sold to the state by heirs overburdened by maintenance costs and fractured by divided ownership.

Phone: +32 / 071 32 11 23

Fax: +32 / 071 30 75 41

Location: Place Albert 1er 34, Monceau-sur-Sambre 6031

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