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Chimay is best known for its beer, brewed by the Trappist monks of the Scourmont Abbey, established 1850; they also manufacture a pungent semi-soft cheese. A close second for celebrity of Chimay behind the brewmeister monks is Mme. Tallien, an important figure during the French revolution who lived out the second half of her life quietly in Belgium. The Palace of Chimay served as the residence of Mme. Tallien.

Chimay is located in the southern portion of the Hainaut province, 50 kilometers south of Charleroi; it has a population of 10,000.

Baileux, Bailievre, Bourlers, Forges, L'Escaillere, Lompret, Riezes, Robechies, Saint-Remy, Salles, Vaulx-lez-Chimay, Villers-la-Tour, and Virelles are boroughs within the municipal district of Chimay. (There is another Saint-Remy in Blegny, Liege province.)

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