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Hasselt is the capital of the Limburg province. It has a population of 68,000, and is located 70 kilometers east of Brussels. The E313 roadway and the Albert Canal pass through Hasselt from northwest to southeast.

A famous flavored Gin, spiced with juniper berries and called "Geneva", is made in Hasselt; there are several factories, and a museum dedicated to its history. Two other museums of interest are the Stedelijk Museum, an archive of fashion from 1830 onwards, and the Stedelijk Beiaardmuseum, dedicated to carillons. Hasselt has a very contemporary demeanor, as the government has invested heavily to establish modern sports and conference facilities and attract corporate interest.

Kermt, Kuringen, Sint-Lambrechts-Herk, Spalbeek, Stevoort, Stokrooie, and Wimmertingen are boroughs within the municipal district of Hasselt.

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