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The commune of Maaseik, population 23,000, is located near Belgium's northeasternmost corner. Maaseik is the birthplace of one of Flemish painting's brightest stars: Jan Van Eyck, immortalized in statue in the town square with his brother, Hubert. Maaseik is on the western bank of the Meuse River (on the other side lie the Netherlands), and it has Europe's largest inland marina, the Herenlaak, with nearly 500 moorings, plus a beach and a campsite. The Museactron is several museums in one: an archaeological museum, a museum dedicated to baking, a "do-it-yourself" participatory art museum, and Belgiums oldest apothecary, now serving as a museum dedicated to the trade.

Neeroeteren and Opoeteren are boroughs within the municipal district of Maaseik.

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