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Malmedy, population 11,000, is one of the German Cantons, provinces which belonged to Germany for most of the nineteenth century, and many of whose residents speak German -- but Malmedy is the exception, for its dominant language is French. It is located in a river valley surrounded by hills; the prime hiking territory of the Hautes Fagnes region lies to the northeast. Rheinhardstein Castle, a reconstructed stone fortress built in the 1960s from 17th century plans, is nearby. Malmedy's Cwarme, or Carnival, has earned a reputation for unusual boisterousness.

The "Malmedy Massacre" took place in 1944; it was a notorious war crime committed by German troops (70 or so prisoners of war gunned down) that steeled American resolve in the Battle of the Bulge.

Bellevaux-Ligneuville and Beverce are boroughs within the municipal district of Malmedy.

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