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Antwerp Silver Museum Sterckshof

Zilvermuseum Sterckshof

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The Silver Museum Stercksof is located in a medieval castle, in Rivierenhof Park, immediately east of Antwerp city center. The property was bought by the city in 1921; the museum at Sterckshof was originally supposed to concentrate on folklore and popular culture, but as time passed, its focus narrowed, and the silver collection has expanded while the rest of the collection has been winnowed down. Today, there are over 700 ornamental and consumer objects in the silver collection, not including the silver and gold pennies which form their own collection.

Phone: +32 / 3 360 52 50

Fax: +32 / 3 360 52 53

Location: Hooftvunderlei 160, Antwerp-Deurne 2100

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