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The commune of Oudenaarde, population 28,000, is located 25 kilometers south of Gent, on the banks of the Scheldt River. Oudenaarde is the site of a famous battle: in July 1708, the Allied forces under the Duke of Marlborough soundly defeated a French army under Vendome and Bourgogne, setting the stage for the expulsion of the French from Gent and Brugge 6 months later. The primary industry in Oudenaarde is textile production, as it has been for centuries. Historically, pictorial and decorative tapestries manufactured here are significant, and it is worth seeking out the many institutions where they are displayed or restored. Oudenaarde is also an important rail junction. A favorite son of the town is painter Adriene Brower.

Bevere, Edelare, Eine, Ename, Heurne, Leupegem, Mater, Melden, Mullem, Nederename, Ooike, Volkegem, and Welden are boroughs within the municipal district of Oudenaarde. (Ooike is split between Oudenaarde and Wortegem-Petegem.)

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