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The Antwerp Municipal Graphic Archives contain thousands of drawings, engravings, books of engravings, copperplates, woodcuts, sketch books, posters, plates and portfolios of art from the sixteenth century to the present day. The original collection was comprised of items drawn from the Museum Plantin-Moretus, and from the private collection of its first curator, Max Rooses. Artists represented include the old masters Rubens, Jordaens, and Van Dyck, plus modern artists Henri De Braekeleer, Henry Leys, Jozef Linnig, James Ensor, Frans Dille, Jan Cox, Panamarenko, and Andre Goezu. Items are viewed in a reading/exhibition room.

Phone: +32 / 03 221 14 50

Fax: +32 / 03 221 14 60

Location: Vrijdagmarkt 22, Antwerp 2000

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