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Life in the commune of Walcourt centers around the St. Maturne's Basilica, a church constructed from the 13th-15th centuries and toppd by an onion dome. The silver-plated wooden statue of Mary inside was made during the tenth century and is much admired, as is the church's Rood Screen, donated by Emporer Charles V.

Walcourt is located 15 kilometers south of Charleroi, and has a population of 17,000.

Berzee, Castillon, Chastres, Clermont-lez-Walcourt, Fontenelle, Fraire, Gourdinne, Laneffe, Pry, Rognee, Somzee, Tarcienne, Thy-Le-Chateau, Vogenee, and Yves-Gomezee are boroughs within the municipal district of Walcourt.

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