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Ypres, spelled Ieper in Dutch (with an upper case I at the beginning, not a lower case L), was completely destroyed during World War I. Anything standing today has been built since, including some old-style reconstructed buildings which seem curiously undecayed at first glance given their architectural styles.

Ypres witnessed the first use of poison gas during the conflict; the lethal blistering agent Mustard Gas is also known as Yperite as a consequence. 160 British military cemetaries surround the town, the largest being the immense Tyne Cot War Cemetary. The word "Ypres" came to acquire great significance for the British and their allies -- John McRae's famous poem "In Flanders Fields" was inspired by the battles fought there, and "On Passing Through The Menin Gate" is Sigfried Sassoon's bitter commentary upon a Ypres war memorial.

Ypres is located just north of France, in the eastern corner of Belgium. It has a population of 35,000.

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