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Norman Dynasty

The Norman Dynasty in England was founded when William the Conqueror was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day, 1066, two months after the Battle of Hastings. William consolidated his position by giving the lands of the English nobles who opposed him to his followers, establishing a Norman aristocracy in England. His son, William II, ruled after him. William II was followed by a younger brother, Henry II.

The last king of the dynasty was Stephen. He claimed the right as the son of William the Conqueror's daughter Adela. His right to the crown was challenged by Matilda, daughter of Henry I, on whose behalf Henry had obtained a pledge of support by the barons before his death in 1135. In 1153, Stephen was forced to accept Matilda's son Henry as his succesor. When he died in 1154, Henry ascended the throne as Henry II, establishing the Plantagenet Dynasty.

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