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Edward I

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Edward I belonged to the Plantagenet Dynasty. Born in 1239, he ascended to the throne in 1272 and died in 1307. He was preceded as monarch by Henry III and was succeeded by Edward II.

Edward was born in Westminster, the eldest son of Henry III and Eleanor of Provence. In the struggle between his father and the barons, Edward at first allied himself with Simon de Montfort, but eventually joined the loyalists and defeated the Baronial forces at Evesham in 1265.

Edward was on the last crusade when he learned of his father's death (1272) but did not return for two years. The early part of his reign was devoted to legal and administrative reforms, including the statutes of Westminster, Rageman, Gloucester, and Mortmain. He crushed Welsh rebellion and issue the statute incorporating Wales with England in 1284. He later engaged in prolonged conflict with Scotland, and died near Carlisle while leading an army in 1307.

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