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Edward V

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Edward V belonged to the House of York. Born in 1470, he ascended to the throne in 1483 and died in the same year. He was preceded as monarch by Edward IV and was succeeded by Richard III.

Edward was the son of Edward IV and was born in Westminster. At the age of 13, he became king on the death of his father. While on his way to London, his father's brother Richard, duke of Gloucester, obtained possession of his person at Northampton, and brought him to the capital in May, 1483. Toward of the end of the same month, Richard was appointed protector of the kingdom. In June, the young Duke of York, Edward's brother, also fell into Richard's hands. The two hapless boys were removed to the Tower of London and were never heard from again.

In 1674, some bones were discovered below the stairs which led to the White Tower chapel and were reinttered as the remains of the two princes at Westminster Abbey. In all likelihood, they were murdered by Richard III.

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