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George IV

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George IV belonged to the House of Hanover. Born in 1762, he ascended to the throne in 1820 and died in 1830. She was preceded as monarch by George III and was succeeded by William IV.

George was born in London. He became Prince Regent in 1811 and succeeded his father as king in 1820. As Prince of Wales, he was notorious for his profligate and extravagant manner of life, and his conduct after his ascension did little to improve his reputation. In 1795, he married his cousin Prince Caroline of Brunswick, but this was soon followed by separation. Becoming king, he attempted to obtain a divorce but failed in the face of public opinion. However, he did not allow his queen to enter Westminster Abbey for his coronation.

During his reign, George left the management of state affairs to his ministers. His only daughter died without issue in 1817, so he was succeeded on the throne by his brother, the Duke of Clarence, who assumed the name William IV on his ascension.

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