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Henry I

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Henry I belonged to the Norman Dynasty. Born in 1068, he ascended to the throne in 1100 and died in 1135. He was preceded as monarch by William II and was succeeded by Stephen.

The younger son of William the Conqueror and Matilda, he was born at Selby in Yorkshire. He succeeded his brother William II and strengthened his position by marrying Eadgyth (known as Matilda), daughter of Malcolm, king of Scotland, and of Margaret, granddaughter of Edmund Ironside.

Henry's elder brother Robert was persuaded to assert his claims to the throne. Overwhelmingly defeated at Tinchebrai in 1106, Robert was imprisoned in Cardiff Castle, and Normandy was united to England. Henry married his daughter Matilda to Emperor Henry V, gained over the Count of Anjou, and defeated the French king at Bremule in 1119.

Henry's only son, William, was drowned in 1120 in the White Ship.. Henry died suddenly at Angers in Normandy and was buried at Reading.

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