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King Canute

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Also known as Cnut and Knut, Canute lived from 995 to 1035 and was king of England, Denmark, and Norway. He was the son of Sweyn of Denmark. On the death of his father during an invasion of England, Canute was proclaimed king of that country too. His supremacy was contested by Edmund Ironsides, son of Ethelred I, but a treaty gave the northern part of England to Canute and the southern fo Edmund. Upon Edmund's death, Canute was proclaimed king of all England. On the death of his brother Harold, he became king of Denmark as well.

Up to this time, Canute's reign had been characterized by ruthless cruelty, but succeeding to the throne of Denmark, he seemed to undergo a change of heart. In 1027, he made a pilgrimage to Rome. He died at Shaftesbury and was buried at Winchester.