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England's largest city and its capital is London, covering over 620 square miles and 12 million residents. London's name derives from the Celtic term Llyn-din, meaning `river place,' in reference to the mighty Thames River which eventually flows to the North Sea.

Officially London is barely one square mile and no larger than the old Roman town of Londinium. London is actually the sum total of well-known villages: Camden and Kensington,

Paddington and Chelsea, Holborn and Hampstead.

London is filled with large city parks and commons:

Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St. James Park, Primrose Hill, and Wimbledon Commons, to name a few. The city is surrounded by a greenbelt, and almost 100 square miles of forest and grassland.

Popular tourist attractions in London include Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Lloyd's of London, Museum of London, The British Museum, National Gallery, Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London.

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