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Stephen belonged to the Norman Dynasty. Born in 1097, he ascended to the throne in 1135 and died in 1154. He was preceded as monarch by Henry I and was succeeded by Henry II.

Stephen was the son of Stephen, Count of Blois, and Adela, daughter of William the Conqueror. On the death of Henry I in 1135, Stephen took advantage of his personal popularity to claim the throne. By granting privileges to the clergy and various lay magistrates, he gained the aid of many who had pledge support to Queen Matilda, the daughter of Henry I. Crowned in 1135, he alienated so many people that his reign was filled with conflict. David of Scotland invaded the north on behalf of his niece Queen Matilda but was defeated as Northallerton in 1138. Stephen many enemies of the church and most of the nobles. In 1149, Queen Matilda relinquished her claim to Henry. After the death of Eustace, Stephen's son, Stephen made peace with Henry and acknowledged him as heir. After Stephen's death, Henry took the throne as Henry II.

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