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Norfolk is a maritime county in eastern England, ranking fourth in size among English counties. It is bounded on the north and east by the North Sea, on the south by Suffolk, on the southwest by Cambridgeshire, and on the west by Lincolnshire. Its area is 2055 square miles.

The coast is low and flat, subject to the encroaching sea, in part bordered by dangerous sandbanks, in part by low cliffs or dunes. There are no very good harbors. Yarmouth is the chief port. The principal rivers are the Nene and the Great Ouse, emptying into The Wash, and the Yare, Bure, and Waveney, all of which fall into the sea near Great Yarmouth. The Yare is navigable to sea-going craft as far west as Norwich. East of the Ouse River lies the northeast extension of the English chalk hills.

Norfolk is one of the chief wheat growing counties of England. In early times, the Romans located several stations, and later the region formed part of East Anglia.