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Located just south of the Lac du Bourget, 55 km north of Grenoble, Chambery is situated in the Leysse Valley, in the heart of the French Alps. The former capital of the counts and dukes of Savoy during the 14th century, the town developed around its chateau, located on rue de Boigne, at the end opposite the extravagant Fontaine des Elephants, built to honor the Comte de Boigne who amassed a fortune in the French East India Company in the 18th century. Chamberys historic city center, now a pedestrian area, is dotted with mansions, fountains and busy alleyways, all centered around the Place Saint Leger. Lined with cafes, it is the hub of the citys social life.

Tourist Office24 Boulevard de la ColonnePhone: 33 4 79 33 42 47Fax: 33 4 79 85 71 39

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