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Hondschoote, part of the Association of Flanders Communes (comprised of nine towns in the Flanders Opal Coast area)is located close to the Belgian border, 280 km. from Paris and 63 km. from Lille. The area is ideal for lovers of nature with a variety of hikers trails, cycle trails and bridle paths. Like its neighboring towns, Hondschoote boasts a rich cultural heritage in which 16th-century Flemish architecture is as predominant as in former times. This is also a land of churches and fine Flemish altarpieces, treasures which will attract those with an interest in religious art. Other attractions include the Grape-Harvest Museum, where visitors can learn about the local vines and sample the wine; the Noordmeulen Mill, a fine example of a post-mill, one of the oldest in Europe, and the Church of Saint-Vaast, a 16th-century "hallenkerk" in Flemish Gothic style with its 82-meter-high tower.

Tourist Office 2 rue de Moeres Phone: 33 0 3 28 62 53 00 Fax: 33 0 3 28 68 30 99

Traditional Flemish Games Workshop | Location: Hondschoote

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