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Maubeuge is located on the Sambre River, south of Mons and near the Belgian border. The town evolved around the 7th-century monastery of Sainte-Aldegonde. Historical sites include the Porte de Mons, a vestige of the 17th-century fortifications built by French engineer Vauban, and a monument commemorating the Battle of Wattignies, which was fought nearby. The surrounding area offers visitors hiking paths that, whatever the time of year, reveal a surprising variety of landscapes. To the north, the wide Hainaut plateau is an area of large-scale farming centered on the valley of the Trouille and its tributaries, which split up the wide expanse of cultivated land.

Tourist Office Porte de Mons - Place Vauban Phone: 33 0 3 27 62 11 93 Fax: 33 0 3 27 64 10 23

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