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Situated in southwest France, the Midi-Pyrenees region (one of the largest regions in the country) extends from the wooded hills of the Dordogne in the north to the Pyrenees in the south. The region's river system, made up of the Garonne, Baize and Lot rivers, plus a network of locks and inter-connecting canals offer visitors miles of navigable waterways to explore -- including the famous Canal du Midi, which links the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The region also features the Chemin de St. Jacques de Compostelle, a long-distance walking trail that drew pilgrims from all over during the Middle Ages to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Today, the route is well marked with variations for hiking, biking or traveling by car. The Midi-Pyrenees is noted for its gastronomic excellence and for the Armagnac brandy produced there.

Tourist Office 54 bd de l'Embouchure BP2166 31022 Toulouse Cedex 2

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