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Picardy marks the historical beginning of France as its first region, evident to visitors through its many prehistoric sites, Gallo-Roman ruins, churches and castles. Situated in northern France, the region's southern border is located 30 kms north of Paris, stretching to the English Channel in the west. The varied landscape contains 4,000 hectares of lakeland and 1,200 kms of rivers plus dunes, beaches, coastal marshes, forests and bays at the mouths of the Somme and Authie rivers. Known as the birthplace of Gothic architecture, Picardy is home to six Gothic cathedrals, the largest in Amiens (the region's capital).

Tourist Office 3, rue Vincent Auriol F- 80011 Amiens cedex 1 Phone: 33 3 22 22 33 66 Fax: 33 3 22 22 33 67

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