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Munro Trail

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This seven mile loop off Hwy 440 climbs through the rain forest to the summit of Mt Lanaihale at 3,370 feet. On a clear day, six islands are visible from the summit. It is named for the New Zealand naturalist who introduced many species.

The stately Norfolk pines seen throughout the islands were introduced by George Munro. Their shape is reminiscent of the temperate zone conifers, but they are not related. About a mile off Hwy 440, there is the site of a fort in a 1778 battle.

A nearby trail leads to an overlook of the 2,000 deep Hauola Gulch. The Alewi Road leaves the Munro Trail and goes down the windward side of the mountain to Hwy 440 near the the old native village of Naha. The trail ends at Hwy 441.