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County Wexford

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Wexford is a maritime county in Ireland's Leinster Province. It is bounded on the east and south by St George's Channel, on the north by County Wicklow, northwest by County Carlow, and separated on the west from County Kilkenny and County Waterford by the Barrow River and Waterford Harbor. It has an area of 907 square miles.

The county is hilly in the north and west, with Mount Leinster rising to 2611 feet. The principal stream is the Slaney, which widens into an estuary above Wexford, the capital, called Wexford Harbor. Two other sea inlets of size are the Ballyteige Bay on the south and Waterford Harbor on the southwest. The tiny Saltee Islands off the south coast are dependencies. Wexford is said to have been formed into a county by King John.