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Founded:1886 Pop.:4,948 Elev.:3683.

Located in the Northwest Region of the state, in Sherman County, (County Seat). Near the NW county line along Hwy 27 and near Sherman State Lake & Park.
3rd largest city in W. Kansas, largest city in NW Kansas, and has the greatest elevation of all Kansas cities.

The red bricks that decorate Main Street and downtown have stood the test of time, lasting for over 77 years. This unique attraction was laid by a single Oneida Indian, Jim Garfield Brown. This "Speed King" bricklayer worked for Cook and Ransom Company paving the streets of several towns, and could easily lay 36,000 bricks a day.

"Tourists are attracted to these sorts of things" said Gennifer House, President of the Sherman County Historical Society. "This is a specific area of interest, and you take for granted what you have in your own town." If anyone else has information on the Main Street bricks or any history in the area, the historical society would appreciate the information.

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