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Founded: 1870 , Population (2000): 429, Elevation: 1012 ft.

Located in Osage County. On state Hwy K31 a few miles north of I-35 (exit 160). To the north, it's bounded by the Marais des Cygnes River, and on the south and east by Long Creek. Two branches of the BNSF railroad meet here. The site of the town was once part of the Sauk & Fox Reservation. When the city was incorporated in 1884, the name was to be Malvern after the Malvern Hills of Scotland, (Note:The name "Malvern" is derived from the Celtic term for "bare hill", which tells you something about the geology of the Malvern Hills), but the new charter had the name misspelled. Melvern is home to the Melvern Lake and Eisenhower State Park. The area is well known for it's historical re-enactment's during the summer. There's a nice park downtown with play equipment and picnic facilities.

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