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The commune of Vianden, population 1,509, is nestled along the banks of the Our River, on Luxembourgs northwest edge. The hills surrounding Vianden offer excellent views, one of them so nice that a chairlift has been installed to carry people up to it. The vista is near Vianden Castle, Viandens primary tourist attraction and one of the most spectacular buildings in all of Luxembourg. Also of note in Vianden are the Museum of Rustic Art, Trinitaires Church (a 13th century Gothic), a house in which Victor Hugo once stayed that has been transformed into a museum in his honor, and a Bridge across the Our from which excellent views of the village and the castle may be taken. While Victor Hugo passed through Vianden, he wrote of the town, "Vianden consists of two things, both of which are as comforting as they are magnificent. One is sinister - its ruin; the other cheerful - its people!"

The N17 and N10 roadways intersect in Vianden.

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