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Visitors to Nogales will find wonderful open air markets that offer inexpensive hand-woven blankets and clothing, sombreros, baskets, pottery, puppets, marble chess sets, Mexican jumping beans and imported and domestic perfume, among other items. The main downtown shopping district is a 5- to 20-minute walk from the border, but the shopping experience begins in the first few steps across the border. Vendors with blankets displaying silver jewelry, leather hair clips, small, hand-painted pottery or carved wood figures, line the streets. On Campillo Street a corner open-air market is filled with shops carrying a choice of red terra-cotta and black clay, hand-painted plaster decorative plaques and sculptures. Mixed among the assortment of lawn ornaments are tile-topped tables, rugs, blankets and sombreros. Open-air markets can be found nestled between buildings. Besides the vast variety of silver jewelry, Nogales offers unique decorative and wearable merchandise.

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