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Culture, cuisine and ecology are the big attractions in Puerto Vallarta. Of all of Mexico's resorts, Puerto Vallarta comes closest to being all things to all visitors. Vacationers can choose round-the-clock activity or blissful seclusion with sophisticated amenities and a romantic, dream-like setting. It's considered the ideal vacation spot for the first-time visitor, while also boasting enough diversity of activities to keep people coming back over and over again. There are also great day trips, either by boat or land. Visit offshore islands, remote jungle coves, snorkeling cruises and inland eco-adventures offered by a diverse assortment of professional tour operators.The town sits on Bahia de Banderas, the largest natural bay in Mexico, with 100 miles of coastline ringed by mountains. You'll find long stretches of beach to the north of town, and delightful coves to the south.

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