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Between the San Pedro Martir mountains and the tranquil blue Sea of Cortez is the fishing village of San Felipe (sahn feh-LEE-peh). It's a place of natural beauty just 120 miles south of the border at Mexicali/Calexico. It has sunny skies, gentle evening breezes, and bathtub-warm ocean waters. And for beachcombers, the 23-foot tides expose a half-mile of ocean floor. The Port of San Felipe is a small town that has traditionally depended on fishing as their economic base. In fact, the fish taco was invented here, and now is served in many chain restaurants in the U.S.. The natural attractions of this area, it's beautiful beaches of warm water during the spring, summer & fall, plus it's temperate winter is the major draw for both Snowbirds (retirees who live part-time in Mexico) and weekend vacationers.

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