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Tepoztlan sits in a valley surrounded by beautiful sandstone monoliths that throw off a russet glow at sunset. Tepztlan attracts writers, artists, practitioners of hatha yoga, meditation, crystal healing, herbal cures, and astrology. Everyone agrees that the town has a creative energy some say it is a magical place. Tepoztl n's landmark is the 1559 Templo y exconvento de la Natividad de la Virgen Mar a, with its fine paneled doors adorned with Indian motifs. Yearly on September 8, the faithful assemble here to celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary. The date also commemorates the baptism of the legendary ruler Tepoztecatl, for whom the pyramid is named. The Sunday market, with its fruits, vegetables and handicrafts, is one of the most outstanding in central Mexico. Also, the town's main street, Avenida Revolucion, is home to several wonderful shops, most of them selling attractive, rustic home furnishings and decorative items.

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