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A small lakeside resort situated about 75 miles from Mexico City off the road between Cuernavaca and Acapulco in the state of Morelos. The lukewarm water of the lake offers good conditions for aquatic sports and has therefore always been the traditional major tourist attraction in central Mexico. The facilities available in Tequesquitengo have everything one would expect from a major tourist resort, from the traditional 'palapas' (straw sunshades) to five star hotels, exclusive 'beach' clubs, restaurants and bars.When it comes to excellent cuisine, in Tequesquitengo, you will find a great variety of establishments where you can enjoy French, German and Mexican food, with the spectacular view of the largest lake in Morelos.

Motels, Hotels and Resorts Hotel Villa Bejar And Spa | Location: Tequesquitengo

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