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Bay of Fundy

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The Bay of Fundy is a phenomenal place, where there are more species of whales than any other place on the coast of New Brunswick, and where the world's highest tides, up to 48 feet, are located. From late spring to early winter, finback whales, humpbacks, minkes, pilot whales, harbour porpoises, and many more species are all part of the ongoing show.

Twice daily, one hundred billion tons of salt water churns through the bay. At low tide, you can explore the "bottom" of the sea floor, looking for tiny ocean creatures in the sun-warmed tidal pools.

Other activities at the bay include the Fundy Trail Parkway, where you can hike over 16 kilometers of terrific trails, and Cape Enrage, where rock climbing is a popular sport.

Fundy National Park offers over 125 kilometers of terrain, and is known as "the hikers paradise," featuring deep river valleys, spectacular waterfalls, wild flowers, meadows, mixed Acadian forests, wildlife, and ocean vistas.

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