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North Region

The Northern Region of Oklahoma consists of "Red Carpet Country" to the west and "Green Country" to the east.

Red Carpet Country is an expanse of lakes, mountains and salt plains. Dinosaurs and old oil derricks have left their imprint here. The northwest corner was home to the Cheyenne; Washita Battle Site and Black Kettle Museum are good places to learn about them. Lakes in the area, where the fishing is good, are home to bass, trout and walleye. Ponca City reflects bygone oil boom days. The Little Sahara State Park features dune buggy rides; rock climbing, and rappelling buffs will enjoy Red Rock Canyon and Roman Nose state parks. An outdoor windmill museum near Shattuck offers something different.

In Green Country, the big city of Tulsa boasts museums, galleries and other attractions. The Woolaroc Ranch is a repository of Wild West lore and lifeways. Stretched along its legacy of diners, museums and colorful art deco buildings, Route 66 is a black ribbon through Green Country. This area features lakes, streams, waterfalls and parks, with water sports and golf opportunities aplenty. Cultural events and festivals are traditional in the area.

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