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The following listing represents a number of lodging facilities. In addition to those listed below, more can be found under their cities (see Prince Edward Island Towns and Cities) and others can be found grouped by chains at the end of this page.

Cable Head Steadman's Country Cottages |
Clinton Red Road Inn |
Cornwall Holiday Haven Campground | Howard Johnson Hotel (The Dutch Inn) | Royal Park Country Inn |
Crapaud Birchwood Motel & Suites | Blue Spruces Cottages |
Cumberland Hogan's Waterview Cottages |
Desable Blue Skye Cottages | Desable Motel |
Earnscliffe Esther's Farm Home & Cottages |
Eldon Rachel's Motel and Cottages |
Flat River The Fiddle Farm Bed & Breakfast |
Fortune Bridge Aitken Harbour View Cottages |
Georgetown Summer Winds Cottages |
Goose River Warren's Cottages |
Montague Lobster Shanty | Montague River Cottages |
North Carleton Confederation View Cottages |
Panmure Island Memories By The Sea Summer House | Sunset By The Sea Summer House |
Peakes Mooney Mill Lodge |
Pinette Bellmora Beach House |
Point Prim Captain Summers' House | Century Farm Waterfront Cottages | Gerritsen's Cottages | Lighthouse Cottages |
Pooles Corner Whim Inn Ltd. |
Richmond Grand River Farms Cottages |
Souris A Place To Stay Inn | Hilltop Motel |
Souris West Lighthouse And Beach Motel | Souris West Motel |
South Lake Red Cliff Cottage |
St Peters Rasador |
Stratford Southport Motel | The Hillsborough |
Tignish Island's End Motel |
Uigg MacLeod's Farm Home Cottages |
Victoria Dunrovin Lodge Cottages And Farm |
Wellington Le Village de l'Acadie |
Wood Islands East The Bears Den Oceanfront Cottage |

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