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The following listing represents a number of lodging facilities. In addition to those listed below, more can be found under their cities (see South Dakota Cities and Towns) and others can be found grouped by chains at the end of this page.

Aberdeen Settle Inn |
Big Stone City Silent Falls Resort |
Buffalo Tipperary Lodge |
Chamberlain Cedar Shore Resort |
Custer American Presidents Resort |
Deadwood Cedar Wood Inn | Days Inn At Deadwood Gulch Resort | Deadwood Thunder Cove Inn | Gold Country Inn, Diner & Casino | Historic Franklin Hotel | The Calamity Rose Bed and Breakfast |
Draper Bad River Bucks and Birds |
Gettysburg Pheasant Meadows |
Hill City Slate Rock Ranch |
Hot Springs Angostura Resort | Dakota Inn | Inn at Battle Mountain | Skyline Motel |
Huron Dakota Plains Inn |
Isabel Firesteel Creek Lodge |
Kadoka Best Western H & H El Centro Motel |
Kimball Country School Lodge |
Lead Ponderosa Motor Lodge | Trailshead Lodge | White House Inn |
Mitchell Anthony Motel |
MOBRIDGE Super 8 Mobridge SD |
Nemo Little Elk Canyon Cabin | Twin Peaks Ranch Resort |
Pickstown Fort Randall Inn |
Piedmont Elk Creek Resort & Lodge |
Pierre Lake's Byron Lodge | Medicine Creek Lodge and Wagon Rut Ranch | Sunset Lodge |
Pollock Stateline Resort |
Rapid City Big Sky Motel | Garden Cottages Motel | Radisson Hotel | Rushmore Shadows Resort | Stables Motel |
Silver City Silver Mountain Lodge |
Sioux Falls Mainstay Suites |
Vivian Shur Shot Lodge |
Wall Cedar Pass Lodge | Hitching Post Motel | Kings Inn Motel |
Watertown Shoot Roosters Hunting Lodge |
Webster Super 8 Webster |
Whitewood Tony's Motel |

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