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The Lloydminster area was first settled in April, 1903 with the arrival of the Barr Colonists, approximately 2,600 people from England. The new settlement was named in honour of Rev. Lloyd for his efforts in leading the colonists. Lloydminster is derived from Rev. Lloyd and the word "minster", meaning "mother church". The newly founded hamlet of Lloydminster was located astride the 4th Meridian in the Northwest Territories. When the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were created in 1905 and the 4th Meridian selected as the inter-provincial boundary, the Village of Lloydminster was split in two. The Alberta portion of the divided community was incorporated as a Village in Alberta on July 6, 1906, while the Saskatchewan portion was incorporated as a Town in Saskatchewan in April, 1907.

Lloydminster | Location: 5011-49 Avenue, Lloydminster Saskatchewan S9V 0T8 Telephone 780-871-8333 Toll Free: 800-825-6180 Fax 780-871-8347

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