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Population: 6,200. The town of Banchory is not far from Aberdeen. County Kincardineshire, usually called the MEARNS, - is on the north-east coast of Scotland.

" BANCHORY-TERNAN, a parish, containing the small post-town of Banchory or Arbeadie, on the north border of Kincardineshire. It is bounded on the south by the parishes of Durris and Strachan; and on all other sides by Aberdeenshire. Its length is about 9 miles, and its breadth about the same. Its area is intersected by the Dee, and comprises about 5,090 acres on the south side of that river, and about 16,210 on the north. The range of Kerloack, 1,890 feet high, touches the southern frontier; a ridge about 1,000 feet high intervenes between it and the Dee; and the long isolated hill of Fare extends within the northern border." The Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, Edinburgh: A Fullerton & Co

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