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Alanya is graced by an array of such natural, ancient and urban attractions as extensive beaches, caves, historic sites, accommodations, shops, seafood restaurants, cafes and bars.

Alanya is a mecca for sun and sea worshipers. The sea surrounding the city invites warm-water swimming. Dappled Dim Brook Valley is a relaxing getaway nine miles east of Alanya. Spelunkers will appreciate Damlatas Cave. Other caverns are accessible by boat: Asyklar, or Lovers Cave; the Kyzlar Cave, where buccaneers once kept female captives; and Phosphorous Cave.

The Seljuk Castle, dating to the 13th century, dominates the Alanya Peninsula. In addition to the castle, there is the monumental Kizil Kule, or Red Tower, and a sprawling shipyard. The Ethnography Museum is another Alanya treasure.

The portside road is lined with shops that vend such items as clothing, brightly painted gourds, handbags, jewelry and leather goods. Also along the road are late-night eateries and bars.

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