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Antalya is situated on a bay of Turkey's southern Mediterranean coast. The city was founded by the king of Pergamum, Attalus II, in the second century B.C. The ruins of several ancient settlements lie nearby. Antalya's mixture of history and culture arguably make it Turkey's most popular tourist destination.

The area's hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters are classically Mediterranean.

A sampler of the many places to visit in Antalya includes:

  • Kaleici, a quaint inner town of Turkish and Greek houses, is the biggest visitor draw in Antalya. Evidence of Roman, Byzantine and Seljuks culture and architecture awaits the discerning eye.

  • The Clock Tower is part of Antalya's old city walls and dates to the Hellenistic era.

  • Also part of the city walls is Hadrian's Gate, an ornate marble arch constructed by the Romans in the second century B.C. to honor Emperor Hadrian.

  • The Antalya Museum is counted among the most notable archaeological repositories in the world.

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