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A 6,000 year history undergirds the charms of Girne, on the north coast of Cyprus. The city, with its diminutive harbor, is bounded to the north by the sea and to the south by the Five Finger mountain range. A classic Mediterranean town, Girne's peerless heritage of various cultures, beaches and temperate weather invites a memory in the making.

Visitors can prowl winding cobbled lanes, stride along the pedestrian-friendly promenade and sea wall, explore cafes, markets and shops, or sample Turkish coffee at coffee houses.

Built on what probably was a Roman fort, Girne Castle dominates the harbor. Dating to the Byzantine period, the castle's heavy bulwarks enclose a heady mix of architectural styles from the ancient to the present.

A mere 10 minutes into the mountains above Girne, one can encounter the beauty of Bellapais Abbey. The ambience of the 14th century Lusignan abbey is peaceful and soothing.

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