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Mersin is a significant harbor municipality on the shores of the eastern Mediterranean. Visitors encounter palm-shaded streets, a city park, up-to-date accommodations, nearby ruins and numerous beaches. Nearly 67 miles of shoreline near Mersin are beaches, noted for their clean, fine sand. The waters are suitable for snorkel and scuba diving. The Mersin Yacht Basin accommodates up to 500 pleasure craft. Day and night tours are offered there.

A typical Mediterranean climate dominates Mersin and the surrounding area. Summers are hot and humid; winters are mild and rainy.

For visitors enamored of history and archaeology, there is Soli Viranpehir (Soloi Pomeipolis), nine miles west of Mersin. Founded by colonists from Rodop in the seventh century B.C., the city lies along the sea nine miles west of Mersin. Originally named Soloi, which means sun, it became a Roman city (Pomeipolis), then a home of the papacy in the early Christian period. It was severely damaged by an earthquake in 525 A.D. A theater, water canals, temple ruins and a necropolis exist there. A Roman public bath attracts numerous visitors with its intricate mosaics.

In addition, the Eski Mosque is a significant edifice dating to 1870 in the Ottoman period. It has been restored at various times. Yumuk Hill also is a point of interest.

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