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Located at the junction of the coastal highway and the road north to the Anatolian plateau, the eastern Mediterranean town of Silifke was founded by one of Alexander the Great's generals in the third century B.C. Its population is approximately 60,000.

Silifke's historic sights include the Byzantine fortress overlooking the town from a hilltop; the Tekir Ambari, an ancient stone cistern; ruins of the Roman Temple of Jupiter; a small archeological museum; and two mosques, the Great Mosques, with foundations from Seljuk Turkish times, and the Resadiye Mosque, built by the Ottomans using columns recycled from the Temple of Jupiter.

Accommodations in Silifke consist of a few low-budget hotels and restaurants, but nearby Kizkalesi has a better selection and is probably a better place to spend the night.

Silifke is a good place to catch a ferry to northern Cyprus.

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